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My experience, your benefit...

Having worked for ADP for 3 years consulting clients about payroll, I was able to see the mistakes that business owners made first hand. I was also able to see the consequences and just how quickly they could devastate a business. 

I bring my real-life expertise to the table when I consult with my clients about things like payroll, workers compensation insurance and payment processing. Understanding how all of these work is not easy and is something that only comes with experience.


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I offer free consultations to all potential clients. Whether you need to get started immediately or are looking to plan for several months down the road, I am always happy to answer your questions.


I needed Worker’s Compensation insurance for a large event that I got a contract for. My insurance broker let me know that I needed to set-up payroll and recommended that I consult with Payroll George. I could not be happier! He helped explain the relationship between payroll and Worker’s Compensation my house!
— Ruth Sandoval - Caterer
My accountant advised me to set up an S Corporation. That meant I had to put myself on payroll. I had no idea what that meant. I still don’t, but I know George set me up correctly so I don’t have to. I can login from my phone and enter my payroll every month. When my accountant needs reports, he sends them right over.
— Michael Merritt - Telecommunications
I accidentally misclassified my employees as independent contractors and needed to correct it. I was referred to Payroll George by an employment law attorney. He helped me understand what a 1099 was versus an employee. He also set me up with my EIN and EDD numbers for free.
— Lizet Macias - Restaurant
We were with a large payroll company because of the peace of mind, but service was horrible. When I heard about George’s business model, I couldn’t have been happier. Not only does he cost less than my old company, but now I don’t have to pay my most-expensive employee to spend hours doing the payroll. It was a no-brainer for me to switch.
— Jonathan Brown - I.T. Specialist



MY guarantees

All tax deposit calculations and deposits are guaranteed accurate and on-time. I also offer a $25,000 compliance guarantee for all of my clients. Please feel free to ask me for details.